Migrant’s rights

From Libya (1) to Bahrain(2), migrant workers have been caught hostage in the whirlwind of the popular uprisings in the Arab world. All too often exploited and denied their rights, they are today the direct or indirect victims of the repressive policies imposed in response to the wave of hope for change sweeping the region.

Italy and the other Member States of the EU should suspend all measures of forcible removal towards Tunisia and share in the reinstallation of Libyan and non-Libyan refugees who have to flee Libya.

Extreme exploitation of migrant workers is a dire trend throughout Europe. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is releasing Never Work Alone - a guide for trade unions and other civil society organisations to jointly combat modern-day slavery and trafficking of workers.

UAE: Artists Boycott Guggenheim-Abu Dhabi

The boycott by leading artists of Guggenheim-Abu Dhabi on March 17, 2011, is a major step toward focusing attention on the exploitation of foreign migrant workers building the museum on Saadiyat Island, the United Arab Emirates, Human Rights Watch said today.





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