Libyan Port City Is Filled With Migrants Desperate to Exit

The man pressed close, patting the pockets of a foreigner, repeating a single word: "Food. Food. Food."

Hundreds of migrant workers stranded by Libya's war clustered Thursday evening outside the harbor gates of this city, under siege since February from Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's forces. Battle lines cross through several of its neighborhoods. The loyalists' artillery or rocket batteries fire their munitions into residential areas. Electricity is mostly cut off.

Bahrain : Migrants Exploited, Their Lives at Risk

On the small island of Bahrain, 77% of the workforce is made up of migrant workers, most of whom come from South Asia and work in low-skilled, low-paid jobs. The majority are highly vulnerable temporary workers, concentrated in the construction industry and domestic service sector, where working and living conditions are harsh.

Promoting Democracy in the Arab Region Will Also Protect Migrants

From Libya (1) to Bahrain(2), migrant workers have been caught hostage in the whirlwind of the popular uprisings in the Arab world. All too often exploited and denied their rights, they are today the direct or indirect victims of the repressive policies imposed in response to the wave of hope for change sweeping the region.