Bahrain - One blogger sentenced to life imprisonment, another to 15 years in jail

Reporters Without Borders is shocked by the long jail sentences that a military court passed today on 21 activists accused of belonging to terrorist organizations and trying to overthrow the government. Eight of them, including human rights activist and blogger Abduljalil Al-Singace, got life sentences. Thirteen others received sentences ranging from two to 15 years in prison. Ali Abdulemam, a blogger who was tried in absentia, was given 15 years.

ANHRI condemns blocking of Mauritanian El Badil Al Thalith website after UAE intervention

Cairo 15 June 2011

ANHRI condemns the blocking of Mauritanian El Badil Al Thalith newspaper website under pressure from the Emirati authorities on the hosting company. The website, hosted by an Emirati company, had published a series of articles criticizing the Arab leaders before being blocked inside and outside Mauritania.

Bahrain testimony a highlight of "best ever" IFEX conference

Security forces prevented IFEX member Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), from attending the IFEX General Meeting and Strategy Conference in person in Beirut last week. But they couldn't prevent him from talking about recent human rights abuses in Bahrain via Skype, nor IFEX members and partners who were listening from initiating an international mission to Bahrain in the coming days. This was just one of the many highlights of the IFEX 2011 conference.

Bahraini poet set to face verdict for protest reading

A Bahraini poet faces possible imprisonment for reading out a poem criticizing the country's King when a military court rules on her case next Sunday.

Ayat al-Qarmezi, 20, a poet and student was arrested in March for reading out a poem at a pro-reform rally in the capital Manama. She has been charged with "incitement to hatred of the regime" and has reportedly been tortured while in detention.