Press Release

Given its  interest for the disappeared whose fate remains unknown, the “committee for all the truth on the fate of Abdellatif Zeroual” met on Tuesday, December 17th 2009, with the goal of unveiling all the truth on the fate of the militant Abdellatif Zeroual.

It is widely known that Abdellatif Zeroual, an executive member of the Ilal Al Amam organization, was arrested on November 5th, 1974 in Casablanca, during the wave of savage repression that targeted the Moroccan progressive movement in general and the Marxist-Leninist movement in particular, during the 1960s.

Abdellatif Zeroual has been a victim of violent torture in the hands of Kadour El Youssfi and his henchmen, in the infamous torture center of Derb Moulay Cherif in Casablanca, which led to the death of Abdellatif Zeroual on November 14th, 1974.

Until now, 35 years after his murder, the mortal remains of Abdellatif Zeroual and its location remain unknown.

Given all of this, the « committee for all the truth on the fate of Abdellatif Zeroual » will use all available means to publicize the story of this militant, and work hard to demand that the truth about the location of his remains be made public and recovered by his family.

Rabat, December 17, 2009.


Aziz LOUDIY, Abderrahmane BEN AMEUR, Abdalilah BEN ABDESLAM, Abdellatif ZEROUAL, Abdallah EL HARIF, Khalid JAMAI, Mohammed ESSEBBAR, Aberrahim JAMAI, Zhour AZLAF, Tayeb MADMAD, Ali ANOUZLA.