World Forum on Free Media in Tunis, March 22-28

Several members of the Indymedia Africa Working Group will be
participating in the fourth World Forum on Free Media, part of the 2015
World Social Forum, this March in Tunis. Their goals will be to train
and be trained in media tech and production skills, to participate in
collaborative reporting on the WSF, and to network with other organizers
who are working to use grassroots media as a tool to empower grassroots
organizing and beat back the influence of the top-down neocolonialist
Charity-Industrial Complex in Africa and the African diaspora.

Support for Choucha refugees in a hunger strike in their peaceful protest on Thursday, April 11th, in Tunis

We are a group of 228 refugees from the Choucha camp of different nationalities (Palestinian, Somalian - Eritrean - Chadian - Sudanian - Ethiopian). Among us, there are also 52 children, 35 unaccompanied minors and 34 persons living in Medenine who have obtained a certificate of refugee status from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR). We would like to inform you that we began a sit-in in front of the UNHCR office which has continued since March 26th; we have also been engaged in an unlimited hunger strike since March 29th.