free Austin Tice


Austin Bennett Tice is a former U.S. Marine and is a freelance journalist who was kidnapped while reporting in Syria August 12, 2012. His whereabouts remain unknown


Syrian journalists work tirelessly to cover their country’s protracted civil war while struggling to survive and lacking basic necessities

“Topping our list of concerns is the fear of dying from a shell, or from a bullet – stray or intended,” says Lina al-Hakim, a Syrian journalist reporting on the humanitarian situation in the country’s largest city Aleppo.

The western part of the city where she is based is under the control of the Assad regime and subject to almost daily shelling by the armed opposition.

Syria: stop the state-organized massive murder

"For nearly five months, the Assad regime has been massacring its own population and in recent days the massive military assault in several cities is a horrifying confirmation of the total illegitimacy of this regime and its denial of any tiny bit of humanity", said Sharan Burrow, ITUC general secretary. "The ITUC welcomes the UN Security Council's statement condemning human rights violations and the use of force against civilians. The ITUC urges the international community to take action now to ensure that more peaceful protestors and others civilians are not killed. Concerted international action is needed now, in coming hours. As each hour passes, the results are more violence, repression and deaths", she added.