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The strong image of this remarkable revolutionary explosion in Tunisia, which remains embedded in people's minds, is the image of a man brandishing a loaf to claim democracy. This means that the revolution against social injustice is inevitably a political revolution for democracy. This is what the democratic social movement has been saying: there can be no real development that benefits the whole population without political democracy, without freely elected institutions, without freedom of expression.

Illegal African migrants present quandary for Israel

In recent years, thousands of African migrants have crossed illegally into Israel along its border with Egypt, which stretches for 250km (155 miles). The Israeli government has now started building a huge barrier, costing more than $370m (£230m) to try to stem the flow. The BBC's Wyre Davies reports from the border.

Migrant workers are more than 'tools' for economic growth

There is much optimism about how the vast sums they send home could help finance development but weak international protection leaves migrant workers at risk of abuse

Saturday marked the unhappy 20th anniversary of the UN convention on the rights of migrants and their families. After two decades, only 44 countries are party to the convention, which remains one of the least ratified of the core human rights treaties.