Presentation, history and objectives: 

Who is Al-Karama?
Al Karama is a non-governmental organisation working to highlight and stop abuses of human rights in the Arab world.
Why Al-Karama?
After years of oppression in the Arab world by the dictatorial regimes of the governments in power, a group of individuals dedicated to the cause of human rights felt that somehow a voice must be given to those who have none. Although Al-Karama recognises the exceptional work done by other human rights organisations, the team still understood that there is worldwide ignorance of the issues and somewhat of purposeful ignorance by governments. Thus the organisation was formed to provide a complete picture of all the abuses that are taking place, no matter how large or difficult the task. With many of the abuses taking place against the Muslim communities of these countries, it is imperative that the void of Muslim non-governmental organisations is filled by a group that would be willing to tackle issues which most fear to do.
What are the aims and objectives of the organisation?
Although Al-Karama is concerned with the promotion of human rights within a holistic sense, there are certain areas the organisation chooses to concentrate its efforts on. These areas of particular concern include:
Extra-Judicial Killing
Due to the nature of these crimes and the affect that they have on the whole of the Arab world, they have been given a position of primacy; for once they have been eliminated, other human rights will emerge as a natural consequence.